Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Help me choose my next tattoos.

I've told many of what my two current tattoos signify,
the crumbling star signifies my failed aspirations,
and my negative star signifies new aspirations.
To simplify it: beginning and the end. This didn't dawn to me at first, but the color green real
ly did make the negative shine personally, since green tends to mean rebirth.

However, I get a bit annoyed when people say "Is that a Captain America shield tattoo?"
And I've gotten that a few times already. 
Listen, if it was the CA shield tat, I'm positive it would've had the America color Scheme, instead of three shades of green. 
I've had a customer from Chase asking me that very question and I answered "no" before he even finished the question. Regardless of the "critiques" given about that tattoo, I love it. As I should.

I digress, I asked you guys to visit this post today because I need opinions on the next tattoo(s) I'm getting.

It is essentially the same design, with minor differences-
The placement of the tattoos will be on the back of my forearms, closer to the elbows than wrist. Planning to be about 3-4inches.

Here are the designs: 


F-holes with treble and bass clef imbedded.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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