Sunday, June 29, 2008


One must consider the potential danger of the outside environment we encounter daily, even our repetitive routines.

My outside daily routine is as followed, walk to bus stop, take bus to train station, train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Herald Square to Madison Square Garden. Stay inside bank till 6:30PM. Reverse the process to home.

Along the way, I can think of: 
random robbery(bus, train, work)
shoot-outs (bus, train, work)
crashes(bus, train)
bridge collapsing(train)
fire(bus, train, work)

Where would I be safe? Not home, neither. I live by Atlantic Ocean.
Brooklyn is pretty much flat. Not that high of a sea level.
I cannot swim. Not that it would matter.

My point is, no matter what, we are mortal. Memento Mori.
Alas, While I understand death must occur in every life force,
as I have gotten older, its appearance is occurring more often.
I've slowly grown afraid of it.
Whether it's myself, my friends, and my family,
I'm afraid of a random occurrence happening before natural causes. 
Even then, I'd be in so much grief...

I honestly have no idea what I'm typing, I just read about a death of a friend of mine in Florida, and though I don't know the person who passed away, I have that sense of loss.....

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