Monday, June 30, 2008

Take your honor roles, and certificates and shove it.

I was walking home from a night at Dave & Busters about 10 minutes ago. A Junior High School acquaintance moved to the block I live in about 5 years ago.
As I walked pass by his house, took a glimpse into his window, I saw your typical framed document of a diploma, or some sort of honors certificate. 

Almost immediately as I saw that, I felt a form of resent towards this person;
not because he's achieved something I haven't, nor its because I'm in anyway envious of him (which I am not).

This resentment came from one of my most basic beliefs, that knowledge should not be achieved through formal education.
I agree that, such a certificate does indeed present a well credential in one's office, as a tattoo artist presents their favorite tats into their portfolio of their tattoo parlor.
but to post it in their own household? I think that's a bit too narcissistic. 

I don't know, maybe I'm being a hypocrite. But I feel as though the certificates are a form of conformity that you've given your identity and worthiness on the sole basis of a piece of paper, though someone who has the same certificate who doesn't have the same level of eloquence and ability to perform at the quality of another. 
All a bunch of mish mosh.

I suppose that's the reason why I choose to post my photographs on my wall rather than these certificates...but in a sense, my photographs are the equivalent to those certificates.

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